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Spm Est Example Essay

Is EST a difficult paper? In my school last year (2008), out of 54 SPM candidates who took EST, all but one passed. One student managed to get 2A while 32 got credits (3B - 6C).

Read this newspaper article:

Taiping’s Chong Huey Ee of SMK (P) Treacher Methodist, who took 16 subjects, missed out on the possibility of being the country’s top scorer when she obtained 15 1As but got a 2A in English for Science and Technology.

“Although I am disappointed that I did not score straight 1As, I can be proud that I scored 1As for the subjects I studied on my own – Science, Geography, Commerce, Principles of Accounting, Economics and Tasawwur Islam,” she said.

- The Star, 14 March 2006

The newspaper article above is not an isolated 'tragedy' concerning EST. There are many other students with the same fate as Chong Huey Ee - scored 1As in all subjects except EST. A student can get 1A in English Language and English Literature, but may not be able to get 1A for EST.

Most students who are unable to get 1A are victims of the essay section of the paper. Here, read on and get familiar as to how the EST essay is marked and what you need to do to get an A in the subject.

A* - Excellent (29-30 marks)

  • All the criteria for Grade A are satisfied
  • Appropriate tone and terminology are used
  • A convincing piece of scientific writing

A - Excellent (24-28 marks)
  • Full realisation of the task set
  • All the content points given are utilised and elaborated
  • Viewpoints are effectively analysed and justified
  • Accurate use of language with a few first draft slips

B – Competent (19-23 marks)
  • Full realisation of the task set
  • All the content points given are utilised and elaborated
  • Viewpoints are reasonably well analysed and justified
  • Accurate use of language with some minor errors

C – Satisfactory (13-18 marks)
  • Partial achievement of the task set
  • Some of the content points given are utilised and elaborated
  • Viewpoints are satisfactorily analysed and justified
  • Some minor errors and gross errors in language

D - Modest (7-12 marks)
  • Unsatisfactory attempt at the task set
  • Some of the content points given are utilised and minimally elaborated
  • Viewpoints are unsatisfactory analysed and justified
  • Many gross errors in language

E – Weak (1-6 marks)
  • Insufficient attempt at the task set
  • Content points are merely mentioned
  • Viewpoints are neither analysed nor justified
  • Language is wrong

From this schema, candidates can easily score high marks (band A or B) by not making gross errors besides providing at least an elaboration for each point and adding some own information.

So, one final reminder before you step into the examination hall: double check your writing for grammatical and spelling errors before submitting it!

Greetings and thank you for your time to read this blog.

In my opinion, EST paper is unique and cannot be mastered completely (maybe some students can). In order to guarantee a grade above credit in EST, one should master English as well as all three science subjects to the letter. To have an idea of how much reading,understanding and memorizing that needs to be done, stack all three SUCCESS books and it would take a lifetime to master them. From my experience, the chance of doing so are minimal to nonexistent.

Referring to EST paper in SPM 2007,
The essay question was about synthetic fiber and this topic can only be found in chemistry subject(I think it is a subtopic of a subtopic).Even with reference to the chemistry SUCCESS book, I couldn't think much of additional points.(shameful -.-) So, it is highly likely to go blank and wonder beyond the hall :). I believe this situation is very dangerous since we have prepared two years for this one hour (++?). So, make every second count yeah!

However,there is a trick to this paper or so i believe. EST paper is usually the last paper (I do not know for this year and the following.) Hence, the advantage is on our side because the knowledge of physic, biology and chemistry are still fresh since we have sat for the paper. Hence, the only thing left to do is to improve our command in English.

How to improve English? (I think I am inadequate to answer this. Hehe).From my experience, Its kinda hard to find articles which describes a science topic in a simplified manner(or maybe because I was lazy :D). But the point is to be very familiar with English. This is crucial since carelessness happens unconsciously all the time and we usually notice it after the paper is submitted. What we can do with the time we have left is to read a lot.(maybe i should capitalize ''a lot'' to stress the importance to its meaning?). :)

Well, I may have a little bit more experience to share, its just that I couldn't recall them >.<
(Maybe all of that was my experience?).

Do not worry much about this subject because when we are studying English, Physic, Chemistry, and Biology for respective papers, we are actually studying for the EST paper as well (I think this situation should match the proverb 'kill two birds with one stone'? Maybe it does :)

Thank you for your time to read this.Will keep in touch soon.

Peace be upon you,


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