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Heredity Hormones Essay

Human Growth Hormone Essay

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Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone, a substance produced in the human body, is now being sold over the Internet. Companies are marketing the product as an anti-aging product. At the web-site, http://www.awakenhgh.com, the company claims that there is a possibility that one can "stop the aging process." On the home page, they claim that the product can reduce fat and cellulite, increase energy and muscle tone, elevate mood, improve sexual performance and sleep, remove wrinkles, balance cholesterol, re-grow and re-color hair, and more. The product is a dietary oral spray that they claim contains a product that is "identical to the growth hormone manufactured in the human body" and is designed for oral consumption. They also…show more content…

In addition, they claim that their product will result in the elimination of panic attacks, a reversal of the aging process, and rapid healing of wounds and broken bones. The presentation of scientific information before the sales pitch seemingly increases the credibility of the company with the customer. They quote Dr. William Regelson, who uses hormone therapy in his work, as saying, "it has some amazing powers, but its benefits must be carefully weighed against its costs and potential side effects." He also states that a product may eventually be available that provides all the benefits, but has no side-effects, which is now available through "Health and Energy." They also have a disclaimer that the FDA does not approve the information they provide about the product.

These web-sites are all created by companies trying to sell something. They are not going to provide any medical research that does not support their product claims to sell their product. This is why it is important to review scientific data when thinking about starting a new, possibly controversial, dietary supplement. Researchers and doctors are much more biased when examining a product than a group that has a stake in the possible positive or negative results. The purpose of research is to inform the public, not sell

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Heredity and Hormones Effect on Behavior Essay

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Human behavior has been a mystery to scientists and psychologists for years. What causes humans to act the way they do? Is it learned by experience, or inherited from prior generations? The human brain is a complex machine driven by numerous intangibles that influence our thinking process directly and indirectly.
The endocrine system in the human body stores a chemical known as hormones. Hormones are released by endocrine glands into the bloodstream and travel throughout the body carrying messages. A hormonal impulse is similar to a nerve impulse only much slower. The messages carried by the hormones trigger different behaviors. Hormones can affect behavior in many ways such as: Mental activity or tiredness, boredom or excitement, sexual…show more content…

Both glands produce two distinct hormones, but produce differing amounts of each hormone. Masculine hormones such as androgens and testosterone are predominately produced by male testes. These hormones at high levels can be related to aggressive behavior regardless of sex, but high levels are most commonly found in males. High levels of feminine hormones or estrogen, most commonly found in females, have recently been linked to aggressive behavior as well. While high levels of estrogen in females and high levels of testosterone in males have been linked to aggressive behavior, normal levels of these hormones have been known to cause aggression as well. Although these hormones have been related to human behavior, scientists have concluded that these hormones alone do not dictate behavior (Morris & Maisto, 2005).
Adrenal glands, located near the kidneys, secrete several hormones that are activated by the nervous system. These hormones dictate the body’s reaction to stressful situations. Each person secretes a different amount of hormones, therefore affecting behavior in stressful situations differently (Morris & Maisto, 2005).
Behavior is party affected by human hormones present in the body built from genetic traits inherited from the individual’s parents. The genetic makeup of an individual combined with a certain environment, can affect behavior. Genetics is the science of analyzing traits inherited through generations. These traits are determined by genes that

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