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Adobe Incopy Assignments Afi

The Adobe InCopy LiveEdit Workflow plug‑ins let writers and editors develop copy in InCopy at the same time as designers prepare layouts in Adobe InDesign. This workflow includes container files, called assignments, for grouping related pieces of content, and file-locking and notification tools for sharing and updating files in InCopy or InDesign over a shared network or in compressed packages that can be distributed via e-mail.

In the shared network workflow, InDesign users export text and graphics to a shared location on a file system, where the files become available to InCopy users who will write and edit the content. Selected text frames and graphics frames are either exported to the assignment or exported as separate InCopy files, where they become part of the managed process and are linked to the InDesign document. These shared files are referred to as managed files. When users work in the assignment file or in the InDesign file on a local server, changes to the associated layout or content are communicated to all users involved in the workflow for that document.

Multiple InCopy or InDesign users can open the same content file simultaneously, and multiple InCopy users can open the same assignment file simultaneously. However, only one user at a time can check out the InCopy file for editing. Others can view the file on a read-only basis. The user who checks out a managed InCopy file can share his or her work with other users by saving the file to the shared server or by returning the file to the InDesign user; however, other users can’t make changes to the file until it’s checked back in. This system allows multiple users to access the same file but prevents users from overwriting each other’s work.

For more information, see the InCopy LiveEdit Workflow guide (PDF) at www.adobe.com/go/learn_liveedit.

In InDesign, assignment files are containers for organizing collections of page items. For example, you might want to select all the items in a story (headline, byline, copy, graphics, and captions), and then assign them to one InCopy user. Adding those items to an assignment provides a convenient way for InCopy users to access only the content for which they are responsible. Assignment files (*.icma) appear in the file system, in the InCopy story bar, and in status messages. Only InDesign users can create assignment files; only InCopy users can open them.

When you create an assignment, a folder is created in the same location as the InDesign document by default. This assignment folder includes the *.icma assignment files and a content subfolder that contains any exported InCopy story files (in .icml format) that are part of images or other resources. Once the assignment is created, store the project folder in a location where all users have access to it, or create and distribute an assignment package. If content is exported before it’s added to an assignment, the files on disk are not moved to the content folder of the assignment file.

Assignment files include the following:

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