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Java Assignments For Students Pdf Merge

After you download the JAR file to the desired location, the next step is to run the file. Double-clicking on the PDFMerger JAR file to open it will likely cause a prompt as shown in the first picture to open. This is natural for any program downloaded from the internet, and deselecting the "Always ask before opening this file" will prevent you from being prompted again.

When the program first loads up, you will see the screen as shown in the second picture above. The following are the steps to take to merge your files:

- Click "Add to List" and navigate the file chooser that pops up (third image above) to locate the files you want to merge. Unfortunately, at this time, you can only add one file at a time to the list.

- If a file is added in error, select the file from the list and click "Remove from List."

- The order of the documents in the output file is the same as the order of the files in the list (top to bottom). You can reorder the files by selecting the desired file and using the arrow buttons.

- Set the output folder where you want the combined file to be located by using the "Set Output Folder" button and navigating the the desired folder using the folder chooser that pops up.

- In the text field, type the desired name of the output file. If you accidentally include ".pdf," there's no problem, as the program will automatically disregard it.

- If you want to delete the original files at the same time, deselect the "Keep Original File(s)" check box.

- Once you are ready, click the "Merge!" button and the file will be created, placed in the desired folder, and automatically opened for you to view.

And that's it for the first section! I hope you all find use for this tool!

For all you programmers out there, keep reading...

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