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Perfection Definition Essay Example

You can use the following questions to edit your own work; however, it is often better to get someone else to edit it also.

1. Definition: Analyze how well the definitions are presented. Do you understand which was the most common? Are the other meanings presented clearly? Is the relationship between the different definitions clear?

2. Organization: Is the thesis clear? Do the topic sentences present the argument clearly? Are they in the right order? Are there good transitions?

3.Use of Sources: Does the paper use the interviews and dictionary definition appropriately? Is the source material integrated into the paper well? Are the quotations well chosen? Are there places the student needs to add more from the sources?

4. Evidence and Argument in Body of Paper: Are the evidence and argument convincing? Do you see points where it is weak? Where did the author need to add more information or argument?Points where the argument is confusing? Does the author move from the least to most convincing evidence/argument? Is the paper written climatically?

5. Title, Beginning and End: Does the title fit the paper? Does the beginning interest the reader? Does the conclusion make a final point rather than just repeating?

6. Sum up: What is best about this essay? What most needs improvement?

15 Popular Definition Essay Topics For Middle School Students

If you have been asked to write a definition essay as part of your academic requirements, it means you have to explain what a given term or word is. You should however, understand that some terms are different from others in many ways. While some terms are definite and have concrete meaning, others are just abstracts and its definition depends mainly on your point of view as the writer. Tree, book or glasses are examples of definite terms while honesty, love, and honour are abstracts.

In writing a definition essay, there are several options open to you as far as defining the object or term is concerned. Some of these options include the following:

  • Definition by function:
  • With this type of definition, you are talking about how the term or object being defined works or what it does.
  • Definition by structure:
  • In this type of definition, the object or term is defined by telling the readers how the object is put together or organized.
  • Definition by analysis:
  • This type of definition is comparison. The object or term is compared to similar object or term by illustrating the difference in its characteristics, in comparison to the other object or term.
  • Definition by negation:
  • This is when you define a term or object by illustrating what it does not stand for. Through this illustration, your readers are able to get a clearer definition and understanding of the term or object.

Your definition essay should come with understandable anecdotes, examples, and facts. The type of example you include in your paper should be such that goes the extra mile in helping your target readers to have a better understanding of the term or object. If the example does not support your definition, it should not be used.

Some examples of popular definition essay topics for middle school students include the following. They are:

  • Natural Beauty
  • Kindness
  • Humour
  • Platonic Love
  • Charisma
  • Romantic Love
  • Optimism
  • Team Player
  • Loyalty
  • Opposition
  • Respect
  • Artificial Beauty
  • Ambitious
  • Obesity
  • Appreciation

Before you make a choice of topic for your definition essay, ensure that you go for a topic or term you understand very well. Reading the dictionary will help you gain more understanding of such term or topic however, you should make sure you don’t write such dictionary definition word for word. Tell your target readers about the term or word in your own unique words. For the best results from your academic definition paper, let your readers know the term being defined, present your information in a clear and concise manner.

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