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Developmental Essays

How is Developmental Psychology Beneficial to Society?


The study of changes that occur in human beings throughout their lifespan is referred to as Developmental Psychology. Formally limited to infants and children, it has been widened to cover a wide range of person's lifespan. This field studies different topics and processes including cognitive development which covers areas like problem solving, moral understanding and conceptual understanding. These processes also include language learning; social development, personality, and emotions. It is with this background that this paper seeks to discuss the benefits of developmental psychology to the society.

The benefits of developmental psychology

There are different opinions pertaining to the benefits of developmental psychology in the society. A few of these opinions would be examined to know the extent to which developmental psychology would benefit the society.

Help in Understanding Human Nature

It is believed that human beings think of life as though complete when they reach early adulthood. But development in humans is a continuous process which start at birth and ends at death. It is argued that a good knowledge of developmental psychology would help to understand this process and keep one abreast with these changes.

Helps in Raising Children

According to Heather Bortfield, the challenges of rearing and educating children can be better met when one has a good knowledge of developmental psychology. She states that developmental psychologists have discovered of an effective approach towards anger management and control of other negative emotions by parents and caregivers towards children.

Gives People better understanding of themselves

It would be agreed that all human beings start life as babies who grow into adolescences then adults before aging. It is believed that a good knowledge of developmental psychology would give one a better understanding of the processes of development as one grows older. It is argued that with this knowledge, one would be able to differentiate what is normal and what is not, in every stage of life as one grows older which would prepare one for the early detection of developmental problems as one ages.


This essay has shown how developmental psychology would help people in the society. It is believed that a good knowledge of the way humans develop would help one better understand themselves and the people around them. Finally, it would be agreed that from the points made, developmental psychology is beneficial in the society.

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